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Counseling can seem overwhelming to many. You may fear that you will just relive the experience through sharing with another person. Professional therapy is different.  We work with you towards healing so that the past no longer influences who you are today. You will find the freedom that even now, you can't find it easy to imagine. We ask you to trust the process and you will see a Bright New Future. What has happened does not define your journey. Only what you do with it truly has the power enable healing and wholeness. 



Traditional One on One Counseling still remains the best forms of therapy. The person is able to get more support and help when in the physical environment of the therapist. 

For Adults, Teens, and Children



We will work with you to find additional organizations to help you find independence. We actively develop ongoing relationships with those working with people just like you. Let us know how we can help you. 



We have trained Therapists available to help you no matter where you live in the world.  If technology is an issue, we will work with you to find a method that will be suitable for your needs.


For Adults only. We will need to see anyone under 18 years old for In Office Sessions only.  



We do not believe our work is done just because you have finished therapy or have gotten fully on your feet. We are here to assist even if it is an ear to guide and give direction to from time to time. Even when you "graduate" out of our programs, you are never without our support. 



We will speak with you about your situations and needs in order to set you up with the right programs and help. 

If you are overseas, send us an Email and we will provide you with a local number or method to speak with us. 

We currently only offer services in English. We are looking to bring on therapists who are fluent in other languages. 

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