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our Mission of Freedom 

MaryEllen McCloud, LPC is the Founder & Visionary of Wings ReBorn. She created Wings ReBorn out of a passionate desire to not let Human Trafficking Survivors fall through the cracks. Far too often, community resources can get over extended and tapped out, leaving vulnerable people without options. 

Wings Reborn teams up with other like-minded Professional Therapists to offer Counseling free to the Client while being funded through donations made to Wings ReBorn. Therapists are compensated through our supporters & partners. 

Wings ReBorn also seeks to be Connected to Organizations working with this population.  We are always expanding our  networking to better serve those in need. 

Wings Reborn was founded to reach those affected by Human Trafficking; Connect to other Organizations working with this population to utilize multiple resources for the Survivors; and creating better solutions to see a strong decline of people falling prey to this bondage or remaining enslaved.  

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate and partner together. 

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